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At Valley Terrace, we pride ourselves on participating actively in our local towns. This involvement has generated many print, TV and radio news stories. 

Korean War Veteran Recalls Navy Experience 

With the recent observation of Veterans Day, we were honored to share the story of resident Gordan Crandall. Crandall served in the Navy during the Korean War, and recently Valley News shared the story of his service. 

Residents Participate in Activities that Promote an Overall Sense of Health and Wellness

The residents of Valley Terrace Assisted Living are finding ways to remain active and improve their overall health and well-being by participating in activities which encourage whole-body wellness benefitting the mind, body and spirit. This can be seen through resident engagement as they interact with one another while spending time in the community’s remarkable garden, or as they learn to utilize movements that improve the balance and strength of their bodies during a yoga class. These unique activities are a prime example of Valley Terrace’s dedication to providing stimulating opportunities which positively impact residents’ health. Recently, Valley News came and joined our residents for a yoga class and captured the energy in the room.

Roger Tatro Receives Senior Service Award

Every Monday for the past 15 years, Roger Tatro has made his way to Valley Terrace Assisted Living to perform religious services, play guitar and sing songs for the senior living community's residents. Tatro spends the majority of his personal time during the week volunteering and serving others, with the intent of spreading joy and happiness to all those he meets along the way. Because of his dedication to giving back, and his willingness to put the needs of others first, Valley Terrace Assisted Living presented Tatro with the annual Valley Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award.


On a monthly basis during the school year, the residents at Valley Terrace meet with the students of Marion Cross Elementary for an inter-generational reading program. During this visit, the groups joined in a friendly game of Bingo together. The children and residents enjoy their time together and continually learn from one another, and Valley News shared this story on the front page of their newspaper in hopes of inspiring others to create intergenerational moments.

West Lebanon Woman Honored for Volunteer Work

Valley Terrace honored local volunteer Sally McFarlin with the 2015 Valley Terrace Senior Service Award for her work in empowering others through the United Valley Interfaith Project. The organization works to create systematic change on issues ranging from senior rights to economic justice. McFarlin volunteers regularly organizing events and doing advocacy work, and she is also the second vice president of the project. Valley Terrace is proud to honor this senior giving back to her community and Valley News helped share her passion with others in this inspiring article.

Valley Terrace Walking Club Helps Seniors Stay Fit

Residents at Valley Terrace put on their walking shoes, and they’ve been going the distance. In fact, they recently walked nearly 3,000 miles, which is as far as Dublin, Ireland. This is a fun and active way to stay fit that always includes a big themed celebration once the residents reach their goal. Valley News captured the excitement in an interesting article about the wellness program.

White River Junction VT senior living resident reading on the porch.


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